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Here's what some of our students are sayi​ng...

"Mike helped me to overcome my weaknesses and begin focusing on my strengths. He helped me have the courage to step outside my comfort zone and take action. I wish I had done this a long time ago!"..... JL, Chicago

"Without this experience, we would still be "fixin' to get ready"....this weekend gave us the practicals we needed to truly get started and have a track to run on....Mike was a pleasure to work with, extremely knowledgeable and he knew what we needed....this jump-started our career and he took us from the educational book-learning stage to the "real world" applicable stage"..... EW, California

"I am very impressed with Mike! ....We worked very hard but I accomplished a lot.... I now have the confidence, structure and good foundation to apply knowledge...the most value was found in evaluating potential properties and learning how to use websites to find and evaluate properties"..... JB, Idaho

"Mike is a very knowledgeable person who works with the strengths and weaknesses of the student....a great value came from the time spent with Mike as he worked with sellers and agents modeling conversations.... I was able to have an actual deal with a seller (while Mike was present for the infield training)..."....TG, California

"The time spent with Mike has been amazing, so helpful and informative - a huge confidence builder! Learning how to evaluate properties and deals and how to make an offer makes me feel so much better....I've learned so much in such a short period of time! I wish I could have more time to learn even more, thank you Mike!"....BH,

San Diego, CA

"Mike coming out here is by far the best investment I have ever made. He is a great teacher, mentor and just a wonderful overall great guy!... Every question, doubt and fear I had were taken away because Mike is so experienced, intelligent and good at conveying the information so well...I learned how to determine if a property is worth pursuing within 5 minutes....we submitted offers while he was still here!".... WL, Arizona

"Having access to Mike after the field visit to critique any deals gives me a huge boost of confidence...I really appreciated the personal customized approach to teaching, it provided an open atmosphere with honest give and take...we walked through 7 properties and also attended a meeting with a seller...I learned how to use others to partner with to make deals happen, several other strategies were given to me that will broaden my approach to investing and help me see deals I would otherwise have missed"...SJ, Chicago

"Excellent program! Worth every dime! I don't know how Mike gets it all done across the country, if everyone's experience is as good as mine has was all very organized and each day was non-stop. Seeing properties through Mike's eyes was a real education....actually getting out and viewing properties and then developing offers is something that's tough to do without someone showing you how, so that was one of the best values I found in the training"....SS, Illinois

"I found the whole experience to be very valuable! I loved going out to see properties with Mike - it taught me how to assess the structures. Running the numbers was so important as well, to make sure the deals would work....just being able to discuss the terminologies was great and it helped me turn all of the book learning I received into implementation....Mike was awesome! I appreciate the continued support even after he's left from both Mike and his assistant, Kelli, who has been SOOOO valuable! She has been there to answer many questions when Mike is with students....Mike left six months ago and I already purchased and have rehabbed a property and will be closing on the sale of that property soon with a profit of $70,000.00!"....JW, NYC

"I am now extremely confident in my ability to manage just about any deal that presents itself....we walked through over 20 properties during his 3-day visit and we made offers on was great to work side by side with Mike and leverage his experience"...JH, Virginia

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