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Meet Mike Biglane, Founder & Mentor

Mike Biglane is a multi-faceted real estate professional who hails from the Washington, D.C. area. His experience began in 1970 when he worked in the banking industry. In 1974 he worked for real estate attorneys and quickly went on to open his own title insurance company just four years later.

Throughout his title career, Mike has conducted in excess of 10,000 real estate cases and counting. This has given him the ability to see how deals are structured and drafted and it has enabled him to become a savvy real estate entrepreneur in his own right. Mike has owned scores of properties over the years and he used his knowledge to build wealth by knowing when to turn properties over quickly for profit or hold onto properties for long-term gain. Mike began to develop small neighborhoods in Maryland as a builder and learned how to navigate horrific real estate climates, such as the 1980s, when interest rates were at 18%. This has helped to make him an expert on creative financing.

He has owned numerous businesses over these many years, some of which still operate today. Being an integral part of these companies allows him to keep his finger on the pulse of today’s marketplace, and gives him an opportunity to see what others are doing to be creative in these hard economic times.

Mike has always believed that real estate was one of the best ways to build and maintain lifelong wealth, and he has helped so many achieve that over his long career. His ability to size up a property or real estate opportunity is truly remarkable, not just in residential markets but also in the commercial arena. He also has a unique ability to create and inspire power teams to produce incredible results, time and time again. He never forgets that he can still learn something from every transaction, and is eager to build on his knowledge regularly. He has a passion for teaching others what he knows, and he truly cares about people.

Mike has donated his time to the community by serving on the board of directors for Consumer Credit Counseling, acting as a soccer coach for his local YMCA, and being there for his children and their friends as a life coach and personal mentor. His influences have changed many lives, not just professionally but also personally. Mike is a licensed mortgage broker, a licensed real estate agent, a licensed title agent, a licensed real estate appraisal apprentice, a skilled instructor, and a certified mentor. There is a well-known saying. “…. Those who can't do TEACH…..”. Mike is the exception to the rule because he can do BOTH. Over the past recent years, Mike has been able to turn the financial landscape around for dozens of families across the country. It gives him great pleasure to know that he is changing the lives of these students and providing stability and generational wealth for so many.

On a personal note, Mike and his wife, Kelli, are the proud parents of 4 adult children and 3 grandchildren with another one on the way. They are both avid music lovers and musicians, and they love traveling and spending time with family and friends.

Meet Kelli Biglane, Manager & Mentor

Kelli Biglane has over 30 years of experience in the real estate industry, focused mostly on title insurance and lending. She has been active in the title field since 1991 and has owned and operated her own successful title insurance agency in Florida. This experience has enabled her to successfully buy and sell properties over the years. She shares Mike's passion for educating others and truly cares about making sure that all students' needs are met. Having worked with Mike since 1996, she has gained an insight into real estate investing that is invaluable. Kelli is able to offer a great deal of support to the students needing assistance with most facets of their training program, as she has not only structured, processed, and closed thousands of transactions, but she has been the buyer, seller, lender, and borrower many times personally. She feels honored to know that she plays a big part in elevating the status of our students as they move forward in their investing careers.

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