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If you are serious about becoming a Real Estate Investor, but you just don't know how to get started, you've come to the right place!

Biglane Mentoring Services, Inc. was founded by Michael "Mike" Biglane, an experienced Real Estate Investor who has been working in the real estate industry for over 40 years. He decided to start mentoring people as a career after doing it repeatedly for colleagues and friends throughout his years in the business. Mike has an innate sense of the art of a deal, and he considers himself to be a transaction engineer. He is a born educator and truly loves to share his knowledge and see the success his mentoring has brought to so many families.

You will find that Biglane Mentoring Services, Inc. is not like most other real estate programs. Mike will not make recommendations that are unethical, and he customizes each mentorship to that student's abilities financially and logistically. He provides real-time information and keeps current on the ever-changing legislation that seeks to limit the success of investors. He teaches his students how to save time while doing their research, so they are working smarter rather than harder. There are several program options available which include: phone coaching, webinars, onsite training in your home base, review and consulting on strategies and specific potential deals, constant support via email and telephone, seminars, group mentorships, and boot camps, etc. Many students choose to combine parts or all of these options, based on their needs and goals.

Please continue to read through this website to find out more about Mike and his team. We hope you will take a moment to view some of the testimonials from numerous success cases, all seen by Mike in their home base. There are too many student testimonials to list here, so it's just a sampling. This website will be updated regularly to make sure all information is current and accurate.

Thanks for stopping by!

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